Two guys from the Danish newspaper Information contacted me to help them develop an iPhone application for spotting surveillance cameras in public space. The app, called KameraSpotter, was used as part of a project they were working on that aimed to raise awareness and debate about public surveillance. They published a series of articles about the topic and managed to engage a lot of users in the project which turned out to be a great success. - March 28, 2012
As part of my bachelor thesis, I and my two colleagues developed an application for collecting ratings of presentations at GOTO conferences. Version2 were present at GOTO Copenhagen 2011 where we tested the application live for the first time. It went very well and the application is now being used at GOTO conferences all over the world.
Version2 - May 13, 2011
A Danish fan site for the football club AGF were kind enough to mention my work after I had used a large part of their chant database to create my first publicly released app, AGF Slagsange. - April 12, 2011